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We are not done yet

Hey everyone! We are finally doing the long-awaited Helix-Port of Lancer.
As much as I would personally like to stay on Clockwork, the hard truth is that if we plan on going anywhere with Lancer in 2021, we need to be exposed to a larger audience; such an audience being prominent around Helix servers these days.


The port will bring upon us several advantages, namely a larger potential playerbase, increased framerates in-game, additional gameplay features & new possibilities, and more. At the time of making this announcement, we are at a 50% port status. However, in addition to all our Clockwork plugins being ported over, we also plan to add brand new features to improve both the roleplay, and the gameplay experience in the server. You can view the live development progress over at the #helix-changelog channel in our discord server.

Furthermore, with this port, we will be consulting with all of the Faction Leaders and revisit many of the server’s factions in order to ensure that they still fit our needs and meet our expectations. We will be using what we’ve learned throughout Lancer’s Clockwork era to implement any changes that may be deemed necessary to improve the aforementioned factions.

What will happen to the server’s characters?

As much as I would love to port over everyone’s characters to the new framework, that is unfortunately not possible. There is no ‘converter’ of sorts, and manually porting 1221 characters (yes, I counted) by hand is not an option that I am willing to take at this time. For that reason, only characters that are currently a member of a faction will be ported over. However, you are free to recreate your character and make an item refund request on the forums. In addition, if you would like for me to port over a character of yours who is not inside a faction, simply let me know through steam or discord.


The #sneak-peeks channel over at our discord server will be used to showcase the progress of the port, along with our weekly Development Blogs, which will be rebooted. Furthermore, a new Trello Board has been created where you can track the overall progress of the port. As for the main server, it will remain open until the port is completed, at which point it will be switched over to helix and the transfer will begin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Management Team.

ILP: Kr0nBAq
ISP: lo7wjxN

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