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Lancer Networks: Development Blog #14

It is time to put your chef hats on, because we now have a brand-new cooking system! This is what our 14th Development Blog brings, among other things. While in total being another small devblog, here, quality is over quantity! More information below.

Demonstration of the cooking system in action.

With the new cooking system, business owners will now be able to run their very own restaurants or even street stands where they could cook their own food on. Although the current system has a limited selection of recipes to choose from, as seen in the demonstration above, it is a very basic start on something that we can (and will) greatly expand on in the near future with new recipes, new cooking utilities, and even custom drink creation!

Full Changelog:

Cooking system.

Broken bottles/Shivs can now be re-broken for glass shards.

Light sources (Lights & Lamps) now show up in the Staff ESP.

The item list item category icons have been updated.

Admins are no longer restricted from seeing the Combine and Dispatch Out-Of-Character chats.

An unneeded ziptie crafting recipe component.

ISP: Rt26amG

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