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We have officially entered the Alpha Stage!

That’s right everyone! We have finally entered the Alpha Stage of the server.

“Alpha Stage? What’s that? Can’t you just launch already? I’m about to have grandkids.”

Now, now. We need to make sure that everything will work as intended when we properly launch and that there isn’t anything out of place, both in terms of gameplay (eg bugs, missing features, etc), and in terms of roleplay (eg RP systems, guides, documents, find mistakes or loopholes, etc). The Alpha Stage will take place in the Development Server and only the Management Team, Internal Affairs Team, Administration Team, Faction Management Team and Supporters will be allowed to join through a SteamID whitelist system. During this stage, bugs and missing features are expected to come to light, so do not be surprised if that happens.

“Awesome! …So, when launch?”

We will go through two more stages, those being the Closed Beta Stage and the Open Beta Stage, both of which will take place in a new server with more slots. They are both fairly similar to the Alpha Stage, the only difference being the number of people that the server will be open to. In the Closed Beta Stage, the whitelist system will be removed and the server will only have a password which will be posted in the discord. Closed Beta is essentially a closed internal community playtest. In the Open Beta Stage, the password will be removed and everyone will be allowed to join the server.

To address the question directly, I’m not sure exactly when we’ll properly launch/go into the Open Beta Stage, but it’s pretty soon. I will of course announce when we have an exact date down.


ILP: jcinHq2
ISP: 4Jg8h8i

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